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"Bing" your Opera Browser

As I mentioned before, Microsoft launched its new, much appreciated search engine, transforming the competition and bringing Bing in the top of the search engines, a place where Microsoft Live Search, unfortunately, never was.

In this post, while trying to promote Opera Browser (and its 10th version), I will show you how to integrate Bing search engine in Opera and how to create a keyword for it. This will enable you to write, in the address bar, the following line:
b Dev-Vision
to search for Dev-Vision in Bing. Bing will also appear in the search engine combo box, near the address bar. Let’s see how to do it!
  • In Opera Browser go to Tools > Preferences (or, simply, press CTRL+F12)
  • Go to the Search tab.
  • First, let’s change the default keyword for BitTorrent: click on BitTorrent in the search engine list, then click Edit…. Here, change the keyword from b to t (to remember, t as in Torrent). Than click OK.
  • Back in the Search tab, click on Add…
  • Fill-up the following text boxes like this:
Name: Microsoft Bing Keyword: b Address: http://www.bing.com/search?q=%s&form=QBLH&filt=all
  • Click OK and OK again to close the Preferences window.
To test the new added search engine, type b Opera Browser in the Opera’s address bar.
Enjoy Bing in Opera Browser!
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