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Microsoft Expression Web 2 - The Installation Error

Today I was trying the new product from Microsoft, Expression Web, version 2, quite useful to all web developers world-wide. I know I was working a bit with the previous version (Expression Web Designer) and I was quite impressed where Microsoft got to be after removing FrontPage from the Office package (for those of you who don't already know, Expression Web - at least the first version - was using the powerful engine behind FrontPage, improved where necessary).
If this product is going to be as good as the videos from the official web site show, I will surely buy this product for production here at Dev-Vision. As I can see there are tons of new features available and all these are very useful since many of them were already implemented by the competition from Adobe, in Dreamweaver CS3.
So, early in the morning, I started my development machine, downloaded the Trial Version of Microsoft Expression Web 2 and started the installation. The installation went well and the progress bar in the lower part of the form was showing the almost finished installation when it fails with the following error:
Installation of the "Microsoft Expression Web 2" product has reported the following error: -2147024873.
Now what?  
I have even tried to install this product for 3 more times, starting and stopping different services, but to my dismay, with no luck.
In the afternoon I finally gave the product one more try, after a series of Google searches. I was looking for the error code number 2147024873. What I found out was that the code the installation provides comes from the Office files and means "CRC checksum error". It is caused by the installer trying to verify some cached Office files. If some of the files are missing from the cache folder they don't have a valid CRC, do they?
As far as I remember there were some issues with the installation of Expression Web Designer too. The installation was causing some kind of conflict in the Office setup.
So, if the installation complains about the office files in the C:MSOCache folder (just read the setup .log to see this), maybe I should put the folders containing the files required into that folder. But to do that, I had to repair the Office installation, using the original CD. After the repair, all the required files were in C:MSOCache and the installation of Microsoft Expression Web 2 completed successfully. Now the only thing I have to do is to test the product for 30 days and maybe buy it.
To make a long story short, to install the Microsoft Expression Web 2 when you receive the 2147024873 error, just:
  1. Delete the C:MSOCache folder.
  2. Delete all the files and folders from Temp (press WinKey + R, type "%temp%" without the quotes, press ENTER, select all files and folders and delete them).
  3. Repair the Office installation from the original disk. If repair fails, try modifying the installation (install one more product from the Office package and then remove it). Retry to repair the Office installation.
  4. Reboot if required.
  5. Start installing Microsoft Expression Web 2.
I hope this post was helpful.
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